Ten Minutes About CloudAhoy

We have created a short video to provide an introduction to CloudAhoy. As an existing CloudAhoy user, you are probably familiar with most of what’s in it, but still it might be interesting for you.

The video is based on a talk I gave two months ago at the AOPA Summit, to a crowd of about 150 CFIs and flight school managers.

As always, your feedback is very welcomed: dev@CloudAhoy.com, or leave a comment in the blog or on Facebook.



Picture in Picture

Many pilots have asked us to provide a small “picture in picture” window, to show the entire flight track with the current aircraft’s position. This feature is now available both in the iPad’s Debrief tab, and on the web login.


To display the window, check the PIP option, as seen in the picture on the right. Uncheck the PIP option to hide the window.

When displayed initially, the context window shows the entire flight path. Like the main window, you can zoom and pan the PIP window. To restore the display of the entire flight, click the Entire Flight segment.

In the picture above, the main window displays cockpit-view animation of an instrument approach, and the PIP shows it in 2D, with the plane icon moving in sync with the main window.

As always, let us know (dev@CloudAhoy.com) how useful is this feature for you.

Sectionals in the iPad’s Debrief

VFR sectional charts are now available in the iPad’s Debrief tab.


Sectionals have always been available on the web’s CloudAhoy. This functionality is now working identically on the iPad.

The sectionals are server-based, and therefore are slower to load compared to EFB tools.

Recommended: iPad 3 and above.



Flight Logging and iOS 7 Background App Refresh

In general, the transition of CloudAhoy users to iOS 7 has been smooth.

However, there is a setting in iOS 7, called Background App Refresh, which can hurt CloudAhoy’s logging.


Symptom: you get nice green GPS lights after tapping START, but sometime later during the flight the logging stops.

Reason: For CloudAhoy to log flights while working in the background, Background App Refresh must be enabled for the CloudAhoy app.

Solution: Please check the settings on your iPhone and/or iPad.
In iOS’s Settings , go to
    General > Background App Refresh
To allow CloudAhoy to log your flights in the background, the switch for CloudAhoy must be On (green).

CloudAhoy app 3.0 is in the app store

iPhone5-Flights-3.0Version 3.0 of our iOS app includes:


Login on any iOS device

In previous versions, an iOS device was registered to a specific pilot account. It worked well for most users, but was an inconvenience for pilots who wanted to share a device, e.g., for flight schools. In the CloudAhoy 3.0 app you can tap Logout on a given iOS device, and let another pilot login to his or her account. BTW, with 3.0 you can be simultaneously logged-in to any number of iOS devices.


Your name is already entered

Your name is always entered as either the pilot or the co-pilot/CFI.  Tap “Swap” to flip between the names in the pilot and co-pilot fields.


Sharing a flight with the other pilot

To enter a name of CloudAhoy buddy into the pilot or co-pilot field, tap the blue arrow and select the buddy.  The flight will appear in both your flight lists.  If the other pilot is not a CloudAhoy buddy of yours, you can enter his or her email, and the flight will appear also in his or her CloudAhoy flight list.


Easier account creation

CloudAhoy users have asked us to improve the new account sign-up procedure.  In 3.0 we redesigned the sign-up, and we hope that it is much easier than before.

CloudAhoy in Apple’s Keynote Address

On October 22, 2013 Apple had a media event announcing exciting new hardware and software. The media event was 80 minutes long. 62:20 minutes into the keynote Tim Cook said: “To celebrate our customers’ creativity and genius of using the iPad, we prepared a short video that I’d like to run for you this morning.”

In this video, a cool looking motorized hang glider had CloudAhoy logging the flight.



Apple Special Event. October 22, 2013. watch video :  https://youtu.be/4FunXnJQxYU?t=3826


CloudAhoy on YouTube

There’s a good number of YouTube flight videos incorporating CloudAhoy debriefs.

Here is one that came to our attention recently.   I bring it here not only because it features CloudAhoy…  Through this video I got introduced to the YouTube FSX404 channel which contains more than 100 aviation videos created by the same guy.  Recommended.

Pilots’ Names in CloudAhoy 3

Several pilots had questions about the conversion of pilot / co-pilot names during the switch from CloudAhoy 2.x to CloudAhoy 3.

In CloudAhoy 3 we require that the person who logged the flight must be listed as either the pilot or the co-pilot of the flight.   CloudAhoy 2.x did not enforce this rule.  We apply this rule during the automatic conversion from 2.x to 3, and in most cases the result is what you’d expect.  You can always edit the names if the automatic conversion did not do it right.

For more information, see this.


Transition to CloudAhoy 3

The Beta stage of CloudAhoy 3 is coming to its successful close, and we are getting ready to switch everybody to use CloudAhoy 3.

If you are still using CloudAhoy 2, expect to be switched automatically to 3 starting next week.  Of course, you don’t have to wait – you are welcome to switch to  3.0-beta immediately!

At this point we are unaware of  problems with 3.0-beta: neither missing features nor bugs. If there’s anything that does not work like you’d expect, please let us know ASAP.  The option to switch back to 2.x will be available for a little longer as a safety net.

Check out the new 3 features:

  • Greatly enhanced flight sharing capabilities.

  • Everything you can on the web’s CloudAhoy you can now do in the CloudAhoy app, except for 3D (the iOS app only supports 2D).

A Huge Thank You, dear 3.0-beta users who have sent us problem reports!   All the problems have been fixed, and we highly appreciate your help.

As alway, any feedback is most welcome and highly appreciated, either by sending an email to dev@cloudwhoy.com or by posting in the Forum.

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 3.34.21 PM



2D vs. 3D in CloudAhoy 3.0

Many pilots have reported issued related to usage of the Google Earth plugin in specific configurations, which, in the worse case, prevents the debrief.  The issues are resolved in CloudAhoy 3.0 by (a) improved hints on how to deal with the problems; and (b) a workaround if the problems persist.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 3.48.32 PM

a. CloudAhoy 3.0 provides better hints for dealing with Google Earth plugin issues
If you have receive a Plugin Problem message, you can troubleshoot the problem using our FAQs (and we’re always there to help).  Or you can choose to switch to 2D, and address the Google Earth plugin problem at a later time.

b. Switch to 2D mode (Google Maps) when/if the 3D mode (Google Earth) is broken
A new “3D” checkbox  lets you switch between 3D and 2D debrief on Windows or Macintosh.  Why switch to 2D?  Primarily to avoid a frustrating situation in which the Google Earth plugin issue prevents you from doing the debrief.  Some pilots have problem getting Google Earth to work in their browser; some pilots could not use CloudAhoy in the office because they are not allowed to install the Google Earth plugin.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 3.41.08 PM

In 3.0, whatever issue you have with the plugin, you can always switch to 2D by unchecking the “3D” checkbox.  2D debrief is also faster, which can help if you have a slow internet connection.

3.0 supports debriefing on –

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 IE8-10, Chrome, Firefox, Opera 3D and 2D
Macintosh 10.0 and above Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera 3D and 2D
iPad iOS 5 and above CloudAhoy app, Safari 2D only
Android Chrome, Firefox 2D only
Linux Chrome, Firefox 2D only