Sectionals in the iPad’s Debrief

VFR sectional charts are now available in the iPad’s Debrief tab.


Sectionals have always been available on the web’s CloudAhoy. This functionality is now working identically on the iPad.

The sectionals are server-based, and therefore are slower to load compared to EFB tools.

Recommended: iPad 3 and above.



4 comments on “Sectionals in the iPad’s Debrief

  1. I was looking at the sectional in the debrief and have identified that the philadelphia sectional is out of date. Big new complicated change in the sectional you should take a look at it.

  2. Thanks for a very useful app. Sectionals can be helpful. Also, may I ask, can we have speed/distance in statute miles as well as nautical?
    Again, thanks.
    Kayak Jack

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