ForeFlight Acquires Flight Debriefing Software Provider CloudAhoy

We are thrilled to announce that CloudAhoy is now part of ForeFlight and the Boeing family.

ForeFlight Acquires Flight Debriefing Software Provider CloudAhoy


Responding to customer desire for more integrated digital solutions, ForeFlight, a Boeing Company, has announced that it has acquired CloudAhoy. Founded in 2011, CloudAhoy is a provider of post-flight debriefing, analytics and flight operations quality assurance (FOQA) software products for flight training, as well as business, general and military aviation pilots and operators.

Specifically, the deal strengthens ForeFlight’s data analytics tools and services, which provide a seamless digital ecosystem that touches all phases of flight, according to company leaders.

“CloudAhoy’s advanced capabilities and products will complement and integrate nicely into our existing digital portfolio, and we are excited for CloudAhoy and its employees to join our team,” said Tim Schuetze, ForeFlight CEO. “Recording and debriefing flights has been a staple of ForeFlight for years, and CloudAhoy’s software will enable even deeper post-flight analysis of every flight.”

ForeFlight’s popular Track Log feature already supports exporting recorded flights to view in other apps such as CloudAhoy, allowing ForeFlight customers to unlock substantial value with their existing track log collection when used with CloudAhoy. Also, ForeFlight’s award-winning Sentry and Sentry Plus ADS-B receivers record additional flight metrics such as attitude and g-load, arming CloudAhoy with even richer flight data for a more informative analysis.

“We are excited to become part of ForeFlight and Boeing, and for the opportunity to have a growing impact on aviation safety,” said Chuck Shavit, founder and CEO of CloudAhoy. “We have known the ForeFlight team for many years and share a passion for aviation and the customer.”

ForeFlight’s offerings are part of Boeing Global Services’ digital solutions business. The acquisition of CloudAhoy is an example of Boeing’s larger strategy to continue building capabilities that will support customer needs today and into the future, according to Brad Surak, vice president of Digital Aviation Solutions, Global Services.

“These new capabilities, in combination with existing offerings across Global Services’ digital and training businesses, highlight our commitment to providing innovative solutions that improve pilot training and enhance safety,” Surak said. “We will continue to strategically invest in capabilities that we believe will strengthen our digital solutions portfolio to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our customers.”

The companies are not disclosing terms of the transaction.

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