CloudAhoy app 3.1 is in the app store

New in CloudAhoy App version 3.1:

Better GPS data acquisition under iOS 7
CloudAhoy have had occasional interruptions in the GPS data acquisition under iOS 7. App version 3.1 fixes this issues and ensures that even if you are running a heavy-lifter app in the foreground (such as an EFB), CloudAhoy will not miss any GPS sample.

Screenshot 2014.01.03 17.07.57

A warning about Background App setting
As we wrote before, to log a flight CloudAhoy must be allowed to run in the background. App version 3.1 issues a warning if Background App Refresh is off, to remind you to turn it on.

Streamlined UI
App version 3.1 now better conforms to Apple’s guidelines for iOS 7.

2 comments on “CloudAhoy app 3.1 is in the app store

  1. Thanks for a great App, I’m based in the UK and thankfully I have a US Apple account as well as my UK account so I was able to download you App. I’ve got quite a few guys over here interested, do you have any plans to make it available in the UK?

  2. Hi Rich. Yes, we plan to support the UK (and enable UK-base download). Meanwhile, could you please call your MP and ask that UK aviation resources including charts and plates will be free, like here in the US 🙂

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