Citation Jet Pilots Association Introduces Partnership with CloudAhoy to bring CJP-FOQA to CJP Members

We are happy to share this announcement from Citation Jet Pilots Association (CJP):

CJP HEADQUARTERS, ENTERPRISE, FL, (FEBRUARY 23, 2023) – Citation Jet Pilots Association (CJP) and CloudAhoy, Inc. are pleased to announce their partnership to bring a Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) program to CJP’s 1,400+ members. CJP-FOQA℠, powered by CloudAhoy’s new P-FOQA™ product, combines CJP’s dedication to flight safety with P-FOQA, a pilot-centric FOQA solution designed for General Aviation. It is the fruit of three years of collaboration, and driven by the combined visions of Charlie Precourt, CJP Safety Committee Chair, and CloudAhoy, to use data-driven analysis to improve flight safety.

“CJP’s Safety and Education Foundation has been striving to bring the tremendous success of airline FOQA to the single pilot in business aircraft, but we recognized the airlines’ FOQA systems aggregate flight trends without focusing on individual pilot results,” Charlie explains. “Working with CloudAhoy, we have been able to create a program that aggregates trend data like the airlines, but importantly adds a pilot-oriented feedback report immediately after each flight. This allows each pilot in CJP-FOQA to learn from the group trends while also tracking their own flight outcomes for continuous improvement and safety – a first of its kind capability in the FOQA world.”

With CJP-FOQA, pilots are provided with objective feedback immediately after every flight via email. This feedback includes how well pilots are performing on stabilized approaches, adhering to FARs and SOPs, and their overall safety performance, as well as links to a detailed debrief showing the pilot graphs, flight analysis, and 3D visualizations, including HUD views. Members can also view a dashboard on CJP’s website which displays anonymized aggregated flight data across the organization. This data can be used to focus and improve the simulator training that members receive, thus improving the training’s relevance to their real world operations.

“CJP-FOQA is another industry-leading example of the CJP Safety & Education Foundation’s safety initiatives.  We are pleased to partner with CloudAhoy and utilize the program to increase the safety of the CJP Members,” states Trent J. Corcia, CJP CEO.

CJP is consistently recognized for their dedication to flight safety. For example, the Safe to Land℠ Initiative resulted in new SOPs for stabilized approaches, landing parameters, and go-around criteria. The Gold Standard Safety Program awards rigorous training and preparedness. In addition, there have been no accidents over the past two and a half years among member operators.

CloudAhoy brought P-FOQA to market to offer a cost-effective solution for General Aviation and improve safety outcomes in the segment of the market with the highest accident rate. “FOQA technology had a phenomenal success in reducing airlines’ accident and fatality rates” said Chuck Shavit, founder and CEO of CloudAhoy, “but doing so in General Aviation requires a radically different approach. General Aviation FOQA must be pilot-centric, provide immediate feedback, and be simple and accessible to non-experts. Our close collaboration with CJP over the past three years has been instrumental in creating P-FOQA, and we are proud to work with them.” 

In General Aviation, the high cost of entry, including retrofitting data acquisition hardware, has been a barrier to FOQA adoption. As inexpensive flight data acquisition devices such as AirSync and Textron’s LinxUs FDM solutions come on the market, paired with the flight data analysis software from CloudAhoy, widespread FO(miQA adoption is now attainable.

CJP members interested in participating in this program can sign up at and then click “Connect With Us Now.”

About CloudAhoy:

CloudAhoy’s mission is to increase aviation safety and enhance pilots’ proficiency through data-driven flight analysis. CloudAhoy’s debrief product is used by thousands of pilots, students, and instructors, as well as the military. In 2022 CloudAhoy introduced a Flight Operations Quality Assurance product  – P-FOQA. P-FOQA (“P” is for Pilot) is pilot-centric, and targeted at General Aviation Part 135 and Part 91 operators, as well as flight training. Learn more at

About CJP:

The Citation Jet Pilots Owner Pilot Association (CJP) is the only member organization dedicated to the ownership and operation of the Cessna Citation family of jets. Open to anyone who owns, flies or supports a Citation, the organization offers a wide range of safety, advocacy, interaction and philanthropic benefits all with the common goal of helping each member get the most out of their aircraft. The CJP Safety and Education Foundation is dedicated to engaging with CJP Members on methods for operating their aircraft in the safest possible manner and developing safety-related resources for Citation pilots and others in the industry. Learn more at and


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