An external GPS name not displayed in iOS 10

If you already upgraded to iOS 10, and you are using an external bluetooth GPS with the CloudAhoy App to recored your flight, please be aware of —

Issue: The name of the external GPS name is not identified. Instead, the app erroneously displays “External: none” in the GPS field.

Workaround: ignore the misleading display!

If the external bluetooth GPS is paired with your iOS device, CloudAhoy will use the external GPS’s data and not the internal GPS’s, regardless of the GPS name displayed.


___Display under iOS 10:      noExternalGPS

___Display under iOS 9:        external GPS


We are communicating with Apple to resolve this problem.

We recommend holding off before upgrading to iOS 10 until this issue is resolved.

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    • The updated app has been tested and passed Apple approval. It will be released as part of our forthcoming version 5.0. Soon.

  2. Hi,

    I have a similar issue with my Samsung galaxy tab. I use the appropriate Bluetooth GPS app to connect to my Garmin GLO, I have all appropriate settings such as ‘enable mock GPS provider’ set which are recommended by Garmin for connecting the GLO to android. I can confirm within the GPS app that it is connected to the GLO and multiple satellites are detected. However, Cloudahoy always reports that it is using the internal GPS in the status filed. Is this an issue reported by others?
    Would be grateful for any advice on this. Have searched the FAQs but not found anything there.

    • Hi James. Indeed, currently our Android app does not recognize the external GPS’s type, even if it uses its data.

      To connect CloudAhoy to the Garmin GLO, see “Android and external GPS devices” in this link:

      When the GLO is connected per these instructions, CloudAhoy uses the GLO’s data, but currently it erroneously indicates “internal GPS”.

      • Many thanks Chuck. This did the trick!
        Tested it yesterday on a brief flight from Redhill (EGKR) to Bembridge (EGHJ) on the Isle of Wight here in the UK. Cloudahoy worked perfectly and GPS with high accuracy. Many thanks again,
        p.s. Cloudahoy is a great product that just keeps getting better and better!

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