SkyVector will provide CloudAhoy charts, worldwide

We’re happy to announce that we have partnered with SkyVector to provide aeronautical charts for our users worldwide. SkyVector’s charts are well known by pilots around the globe for their accuracy, quality and speed.

It would be the first AirVenture in which I will not have to go “umm, no international charts yet” to our Canadian users, European users or our pilot friends from down under. Next week in Oshkosh we will be showing the charts in our booth! They are now in beta, and will be released soon.

The VFR, IF-Lo, IFR-Hi charts are available in 2D-track, 3D-track and 3D-cockpit modes.SkyVector Logo

What’s in it: U.S. Pilots

Higher quality, faster,
Addition of IFR-Hi
Covers the entire globe, not only your flight path.

What’s in it: non-U.S. Pilots

VFR, IFR-Lo, IFR-Hi for your country,
Updated and accurate.







VFR flight near Vancouver, Canada








IFR flight over the Swiss Alps from Nuremberg to Rome 





16 comments on “SkyVector will provide CloudAhoy charts, worldwide

    • Hi Noel. This feature is still in beta testing. We will release it for everybody after completing the beta testing.

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  2. Hello
    Nice to read that CloudAhoy is becoming international.
    Can you let me know when the solution will become operational.
    Thank you
    Gilles (France)

  3. Hi there. Like Gilles, I’m really looking forward to the implementation of VFR charts for the rest of the world (UK in my case). Any news on how soon we can expect this?
    Many thanks,

      • Thanks. i’ve using CloudAhoy for almost a year in free mode, but want use now the paid version in order to use all features. Being able to use charts for Chile will be a must in order to get max value for the system! Can’t wait for next version!

        Looking forwards to get news from you soon


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