New and improved flight sharing

Sharing a flight via email

Sharing a flight via email

For those of you who share their flights with others – we have a new and improved way to share: quicker, and personalized. It has a thumbnail image of the shared flight – a popular request.

Sending flight share in an email
The other day I flew with non-pilot friends to Nantucket. It was a perfect flying day, and after we left Boston’s class bravo I let my friend in the right seat drive most of the way. He was thrilled.

Back home, I sent him an email with the flight’s share. The new share’s email feature includes a thumbnail of the flight in the email message, like the example on the right. My friend could click the thumbnail or the link in the email and relive the flight.

Receiving a link
We also made it easier to view a flight share, even for non-pilots; this is what my friend saw when he clicked the thumbnail in his email. In this share I was using our new Cesium-based 3D rendering, which, at the time of writing this post, is a sneak preview of the tech to come.

How to share a flight?
When you debrief a flight, note the new share-flight-button button on top.


Sharing a flight on Facebook

Clicking the button, you now can:

  • Create a link to the flight
  • Post the flight on Facebook (example on the right) and Twitter.
  • Share with your buddies/groups
  • Embed the flight in your own web page,
  • Send an email with the flight link and a thumbnail to anyone.

Details here. BTW, you can also share a flight  from the Flights tab.


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