Profiles – revisited

We added a new profile: Altitude + IAS displayed together (with IAS in dashed line), which provides a good insight in many situations. Here are a couple of examples.

– The picture below shows one loop around the traffic pattern on a gusty day, with a large airspeed and altitude variance.patt6
– The beautiful picture below, sent to us by Don Honabach (thanks, Don!) shows his debriefing of a steep turn of 3×360°, flown in a Zodiac 601HDS. Don clicked the steep turn’s segment info button, and got the Info window below. Note the beautiful inverse relation between the airspeed and the altitude, resulting from the conservation of energy: you lose one and gain the other.




4 comments on “Profiles – revisited

    • Hi Steven. When using our apps to log flights, we compute the TAS from the GS+Wind, then compute IAS from TAS. See this.

      If you import your flights from an EFIS like Garmin G1000, the IAS is already included in the imported data. See this, and this.

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