CloudAhoy at AirVenture 2014

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If you are coming to Oshkosh next week, this note is for you!

See you in booth 1094, hangar A
Presentation: Tues. July 29, 11:30 – 12:45, Forum 3

Personal tutorial: debrief YOUR flight

Nate CFIIWould you like to get a personal tutorial of debriefing your flight with CloudAhoy?

• Log your flight to KOSH with CloudAhoy, then come to our booth and debrief your flight with us.
• Come to our booth, use our X-Plane to fly a 5 minute simulated approach into KOSH (VFR or IFR), and debrief your approach with us.

Nate (CFII/MEI) and Chuck will be in the booth to debrief with you.


1-Month Gift Subscription

CloudAhoy BubbleEvery visitor to our booth will receive a gift of one month subscription to CloudAhoy Standard.

  • Have a CloudAhoy Free account?
    You will get a CloudAhoy Standard for a month.
  • Already have a CloudAhoy Standard subscription?
    You will get an extra one month.
  • You are within the 35 days trial of CloudAhoy Standard?
    You will get an extra one month.
  • New to CloudAhoy?
    Get an extra one month on top of the 35-days free trial.

To receive this gift, check in with one of us at our CloudAhoy booth.


See you in booth 1094, hangar A

Presentation: Tues. July 29, 11:30 – 12:45


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