Primary training flight debriefing

john_ewingJohn Ewing is a CFI/CFII in the bay area and the author of the Aviation Mentor blog (

In his own words:

my student’s: Ariana F.

Evaluating a student’s performance on ground reference maneuvers with CloudAhoy is educational and fun. The goals of this flight was for Ariana to do turns around a point in the vicinity of Honker Bay (just south of Travis Air Force Base) and then return to Oakland for some touch and goes. The strong surface winds made for challenging conditions, but Ariana was having fun. So we also did S-turns and a couple of rectangular patterns, too. My subjective assessment in flight was that she was doing a good job, but I was even more satisfied after seeing the tracks on CloudAhoy. I shared the flight with her and she was happy, too. With CloudAhoy, students can see their performance, which helps them to motivated so they can succeed in their training goals.

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