Alaska the Beautiful: best in cockpit view!

Greg Mangione flies in Alaska for SOAR International Ministries (

He shared with us two XC flights (watch in 3D and in cockpit view mode!), and an IPC

In his own words:

Greg Mangione

These three flights were done in a Panther converted Piper Navajo that our ministry operates. Also, these three flights are worth watching in cockpit view…it’s amazing how well that feature works and fun

This flight I fired up cloudahoy a bit late, but we flew the Lake Clark pass from Soldotna into Port Alsworth…You can pretty much figure out our flight path before I started it up, but it’s always impressive flying through the pass. Watch in Cockpit View mode to really appreciate the scenery!

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This flight was a fun flight down to a little strip on Kodiak Island to pick up a couple of missionaries. Did a little sightseeing when we got to the island and a runway inspection before landing. (2200 ft gravel runway) Watch in Cockpit View mode to really appreciate the scenery!

Debrief this flight

I did an IPC with a local instructor.

Departed Soldotna, hit the beacon and show the ILS into Kenai via an ARC. We then went missed into a hold and came back on a VOR into Kenai, went missed then did the VOR via the PT into Soldotna…missed, did some unusual attitudes under the hood and then did a no gyro NDB back into Soldotna plus a few patterns…might have been some stalls in there. I greatly appreciated the ability to look back at this flight via CloudAhoy after we were on the ground and see exactly what I did, very helpful!

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