Helicopter pilots needed: CloudAhoy beta

Call for Beta: to all the helicopter pilots our there – the long-anticipated rotorcraft analysis is ready for beta testing.

How it works;
The rotorcraft flight analyzer kicks-in automatically when the flight being debriefed has a tail number of a rotorcraft. It will help you debrief your traffic patterns, your approaches and your autorotations. The cockpit view is now better suited for helicopter flights.
The new analyzer will kick-in also if you debrief an old helicopter flight.

Several CloudAhoy users helped educate me on helicopters and were very kind to try earlier versions of the software. I never met any of them, yet they contributed their time and wisdom. Thank you! Special thanks to Thomas Hirsch, who graciously shared with me his wealth of knowledge and expertise in flying helicopters.

How to participate
> Login to the beta site.
> If needed enter the tail number in the debrief page.
> Debrief your helicopter flights.
> Email me your feedback.

I am looking for any comments and ideas you may have. What did you like? What didn’t you like? Which additions would you like to see?

And thanks!

6 comments on “Helicopter pilots needed: CloudAhoy beta

  1. you might want to place a helicopter icon appropriate to the aircraft type/ make & model, also what would be helpful for debrief of instrument training flights to have an overlay of an enroute low altitude chart, and or approach charts available to critique holding, tracking, and approaches.

    • Hi Anonymous,

      We will add helicopter icons, hopefully soon.

      For instrument approaches, CloudAhoy supports 3D published approaches which I think are better for debriefing than approach charts. Email support for more information.

      If you’re emailing Support, could you please also send a share of a helicopter instrument training flight and specify which approaches were executed? I would like to see how well does the beta software handle those, and if there’s a need to improve the handling of helicopter IAPs. Thanks!

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  3. It is not possible to add a military helicopters “tail number” in the My Aircraft page. As some may know, we use our serial number and they are not necessarily submitted to the FAA’s database. Due to that fact, when you try to add an aircraft so that CA will recognize that it is a helicopter, you get the message ” The aircraft was not found in the FAA registry”.

    Is there a way that you can add a way to add custom aircraft in the My Aircraft page?

  4. Hi Alan,

    This is a limitation of the current version of CloudAhoy, which will be removed in the next Major release. There’s a workaround. I have sent you more information in email.


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